Wow! Check out what this young guy built by himself with sticks.

Wow! Check out what this young guy built by himself with sticks | Another find has been made, this time by a small Ghanaian youngster who has constructed his own excavator out of sticks.

A young man was recorded driving his own excavator with some sticks in a video posted to Many spectators stood there in astonishment as the little excavator performed the exact same actions as a’real’ excavator.

When he was given the task, the young prodigy appeared to be putting his innovation to the test. In what appeared to be a game-changing demonstration, the young inventor successfully ‘worked’ his creation with delicacy, much to the delight of those present.

The never-before-seen technology boggles many people’s minds, as it’s difficult to imagine how a machine might respond to directions solely by pushing and pulling on sticks.

Based on how it accomplishes intricate moves, it appears that a lot of thinking went into the invention. Other inventions employing brilliant Ghanaian brains have occurred, with one of the most recent being the story of two brothers who invented the three-seater car.

Historically, scientific advancements and inventions were not connected with African countries due to the widespread belief that Africa was a “dark continent.”

With the passage of time, however, this perception is rapidly shifting. It’s even been a topic of contention around the world that technology and inventions originated in Egypt, Africa.

Many discoveries have been discovered in Africa in the past and continue to be discovered in Africa today, proving that technology did indeed begin in Africa.


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