Presec Allow us to fast, stop religious bigotry – PRESEC Muslims to Wesley Girls

Muslim students in Presbyterian Church owned Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC) has condemned the Methodist Church of Ghana for preventing Muslim students in Wesley Girls’ to join Ramadan fasting.

PRESEC Muslims comment comes after the Methodist Church on behalf of the Wesley Girls’ High School rejected a directive from the Ghana Education Service (GES) to permit Muslim students in WEY GEY HEY to fast.

But, in a post, Muslim students in the Boys’ school said despite the school owned by the Presbyterian Church they are allowed to pray 5 times daily and also go for Jumma prayers every Friday.

“In Presec We pray our five daily prayers in our mosque We go for Jumma prayers every Friday Muslims have their own service during Christian service,” Muslim students in the Boy’s school stated in the post.

According to them, during this year’s Ramadan, they requested for 10 dining tables to be reserved for those participating in the fasting but the Management of Presbyterian Boys’ added two extra tables.

This they said had no effect on Presbyterianism or Christianity And PRESEC adding “that PRESEC will remain great forever” and advising the Methodist Church of Ghana to stop religious intolerance because it is not nice.



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