If you let “at your age” push you to start a family, you’ll have to beg “at your age” to raise them – Reno Omokri

Author, Reno Omokri has warned people not to fall for the ‘at your age’ trap and end committing irreversible blunders in their lives. 

According to Reno who has earned a good reputation for himself owing to profound messages he dishes out freely to his followers online, financial readiness should be the priority when it comes to starting a family rather than pressure from friends who have a family already.

“If you let ‘at your age, you have not married and had kids’ push you to marry and have children, you will also hear ‘at your age you are coming to beg for money to look after your wife and kids’ from the same people.

Be wise. Live life at your pace,” he wrote in a tweet.

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