Got Plant Milk? For health, flavor, and frothy flair, add any of these 16 plant milk to your mug

3- Cashew milk


Cashew milk

Okay, full disclosure, I’m not a huge fan of cashews, so I was skeptical of cashew milk. But, upon trying it, I was blown away!

Of all plant based nut milks, though cashew milk admittedly isn’t your friend when seeking a beautiful foamy topping for a latte, it is still an absolutely delicious addition to coffee!

From a small splash in a fresh cup of hot coffee, to making the perfect coffee smoothie, and even a creamy addition to cold brew, cashew milk is so smooth, has a surprisingly neutral (not too nutty) flavor, and is extraordinarily thick and rich.

When making iced lattes, the espresso nearly sits on top of the cashew milk due to its luxuriously thick texture…with a simple stir to combine the two, you’ll be sipping pure velvet!

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